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 Vorrtez Enterprises - Service to clients, associates and customers. We also offer
representation and sales in products that we  both believe in, and work. Please contact
us for your business needs.
 We also offer commercial and residential product alternatives , using the Wearmax
floor protection system, the product and service offers, a 20 year warranty from regular
wear on residential installations, and a 5 year warranty on commercial installations.
Wearmax is a wax alternative that works better than wax, is non-toxic
and will last up to 10 years with a single application.
No need to strip and wax floors ever again!
Do you have slippery floors?
We have different options available that will suit any type of floor or situation.
Please contact us for a consultation and quote.
Vorrtez Enterprises - 305 Lilac St. Street Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada R3M 2S5
204.471.3743  info@vorrtez.com